EVSE Charge Box

EVSE Charge Box 12 VDC-EM-RCM


EVSE Charge Box | 12 VDC-EM-RCM is the electronic control unit that provides the communication between the electric vehicle (EV) and AC EV Charger. It maintains the safety of charging operations and is fully compliant with the IEC-61851 regulation. This module is intended to be used in public-type AC EV chargers. It supports the RS485 Modbus interface for communicating with HMI (Human Machine Interface). It also has an onboard energy meter and can detect residual current. It can be used both with mono-phase and three-phase connections.
  • Control unit for Electric Vehicle AC chargers
  • IEC-61851-1 compliant
  • Supports RS485 Modbus, energy meter, residual current detection